Top 5 Software For Graphic Design

Top 5 Software For Graphic Design

No matter your experience level in digital art, the right software can enhance your talent exponentially. These programs give you access to tools needed for professional-grade graphics and images creation.

Adobe InDesign boasts an easy learning curve, making it perfect for beginners. It also comes equipped with the Sensei technology for automatic resizing and arrangement of images, while Creative Cloud libraries enable users to share text, colors and graphics easily across team members.

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Inkscape is an open-source graphic design program that supports the SVG vector graphics standard, providing a user-friendly graphic design experience with various tools that support this vector graphics standard. With an expansive community of users and developers constantly working to enhance it, Inkscape features various tools and is easy to use. Workflow revolves around vector objects which can be filled with solid or patterned colors or linear/radial color gradients; their shapes can also be rotated/shifted/distorted as desired, with path-based strokes available as desired.

Inkscape is an excellent starting point for those just getting started in graphic design, offering an intuitive user interface and tools for easily creating shapes and paths, node editing and other unique features unique among free vector design programs. However, Inkscape may not be suitable for desktop publishing or printing due to not supporting CMYK colors, potentially leading to color differences between print versions of your designs and digital ones.


Gravit is a vector graphic design software solution offering users with various tools that allow them to unleash their creativity when it comes to designing detailed vector images. With editing tools for structures, vectors, styles and texts as well as free in-browser or desktop applications that work on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS devices – Gravit offers everything one needs for crafting detailed yet appealing vector designs.

It also provides other powerful features to bring any creative illustrative vision to life, such as a SVG editing tool with unmatched precision and non-destructive Boolean. Plus, there’s an impressive array of brushes and fonts.

Gravit enables you to easily design for any screen size in just a few clicks, featuring drag-and-drop functionality which is easy and intuitive, duplicating objects quickly for movement on canvas, duplicating them quickly as needed and text on paths – an indispensable feature!


Visme is an all-in-one visual communication solution, offering users an efficient means of creating presentations, infographics, documents, social media graphics and videos in minutes. The application also features collaboration features as well as app integration capabilities. Finally, users have access to a comprehensive knowledge library as well as dedicated customer support team for assistance.

Visme offers various customization options, including adding images and logos from your own library to creating presentations for yourself and clients. In addition, there is a gallery of premium royalty-free images you can access for free as well as multiple animation styles to make content engaging and captivating for users.

Visme makes it easy and affordable to share or download your work as an image, PDF, PNG or MP4 file online or download it locally as an image, PDF, PNG or MP4. Plus you can add password protection as well as premium widgets and templates – with its basic account providing up to 100MB of storage capacity; students, educators and nonprofits even get discounts!


Canva is an all-in-one design suite equipped with numerous features to make creating visuals as straightforward and painless as possible. From templates for every project to photos, frames, stickers and graphic elements that you can use to decorate your designs – as well as an intuitive color wheel to help find the ideal hue combinations – Canva offers everything you need for creating visuals effortlessly.

Simple to use with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of fonts and images available for selection, as well as adding your own logo and brand identity kit so your designs remain consistent with your branding.

Canva also allows users to easily create animated GIFs. The free version of Canva provides access to templates, images and 5GB of cloud storage; but for maximum productivity it may be worthwhile upgrading to Canva Pro with access to premium image libraries, more customizable templates, unlimited folders and unlimited cloud storage space.


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