Hardware Failure and How it Can Affect Your Business

Hardware Failure and How it Can Affect Your Business

Modern businesses rely heavily on technology. Unfortunately, no technology lasts forever. Hardware failure poses one of the greatest threats to IT systems and can cause major setbacks for a company.

There are various strategies available to you for preventing hardware failure, including using SMART to monitor the health of your hard drives.

Hard Disk Failure

Hard disk failure occurs when your computer can no longer access files stored on its hard drive, which is an indicator of hardware failure and should be investigated promptly as it could cause applications to crash and even lead to the blue screen of death.

There are certain telltale signs to look out for if your hard disk begins to fail, including long wait times to access folders and files, inability to open previously saved documents, corrupted file names and long access times for folders and files.

Hard drives are one of the main sources of hardware failure, often being misidentified as operating system- or data corruption-related. This is due to their components gradually degrading over time and becoming less reliable as time progresses – most will begin failing when reaching the end of their lifespan.

Software Issues

If after switching cables and ports your computer still shuts down or reboots unexpectedly, the issue could likely lie with software. Most devices, from keyboards to Wi-Fi cards, have drivers that manage communication with your computer system; when these drivers become corrupt or don’t update properly they may cause difficulties using them.

Hard disk drives can become susceptible to grinding, which occurs when the read/write head comes in contact with the platter surface and causes permanent data loss. Grinding may be caused by physical damage (bumping, jostling and dropping), age related wear-and-tear wear or extreme heat conditions or unregulated power sources.

Radiation can also contribute to hardware failure. Exposure to radiation can alter memory cells, rendering them nonfunctional or even destroying an electronic device altogether. A clean environment and regular maintenance schedule are key in order to avoid such hardware issues.


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